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From zero to void

This research studies the interfaces between performing arts, visual art and Eastern spirituality in the context of the life course between Mary Bauermeister and Karlheinz Stockhausen in the 1960s. The research object is the realization of their own art by both artists. This project also wants to place the concept of 'happening' in a contemporary setting, using artistic research.

“Fifty years after its storied New York premiere (1964), Stockhausen’s response to the Happening of ORIGINALE gets a 21st–century staging (7-8 November 2014 at The Kitchen, New York), directed by Caden Manson (Big Art Group), with a creative team featuring filmmaker A.L. Steiner and sound projectionist Joe Drew. The cast of 'Originals'—the word is used to imply a simultaneous sense of authenticity and eccentricity—describes a community of contemporary performance makers, musicians, and artists, whose actions are organized by Stockhausen's score and accompanied by noted electro-acoustic compositions such as KONTAKTE”.