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Peteris Vasks guest of honour at the Antwerp Conservatoire

We are pleased to welcome the world-renowned composer Peteris Vasks to the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp between 9 and 12 February 2022. He will provide students with insight into his work and be our guest of honour during a concert of our String Orchestra.
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Teaching staff

Discover who our main subject teachers are for the String instruments programme.


Guido De Neve
Aylen Pritchin, Benjamin Braude (assistant)
Alexei Moshkov, Benjamin Braude (assistant)
Jolente De Maeyer

Razvan Popovici
Mathis Rochat

Justus Grimm
Olsi Leka

Double bass
Lode Leire

Literature study violin
Julie Van Buggenhout
Jérémie Ninove
Lode Leire

Audition training
Principal study teachers
Elisabeth Sturtewagen (coordination)

Postgraduate SUZUKI training for string instruments
Wim Meuris
Koen Rens
Veerle Van Gorp (incl. coordination)

Piano accompaniment
Kiyotaka Izumi
Stephanie Proot
Ivo Venkov
Andrew Wise
Annemie Wuyts
Polina Chernova
Tom Hermans

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