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Techniques of resonance: masterclass

This academic year, together with Nico Dockx, Ramuntcho Matta, Walter Weyns (and to be announced guest teachers), Eric Thielemans organises a masterclass. This masterclass sits within the framework of his current research project ‘Techniques of resonance”. He focuses on how artists from diverse disciplines (performance, music, visual arts, scenography), develop embodied techniques to create resonant, meaningful relationships between the experience of their interior life and the exterior world. How do we create or invite magic? When does the world start to speak to us?" 

The masterclass spreads over the whole academic year.
First semester: 
This takes place at the University of Antwerp where the group joins Walter Weyn’s course ‘Cultural Critique’. Starting from a general introduction in cultural critique, the course will focus on resonance through writing by reading textmaterial, small group discussions and creating a portfolio.
The lectures start on October 1st and will take place each Tuesday from 9h30 till 12h30 at Stadscampus - gebouw M - lokaal M.103, St-Jacobstraat 2 - 2000 Antwerpen. 
A good passive knowledge of Dutch is required. Some interactions can happen in English or other languages, basic text material can be delivered in English.
Second semester:
2 x 1 week practical workshop, thaught by Eric Thielemans, Ramuntcho Matta, Nico Dockx and to be announced guest teachers.
Focus on experience, an immersive approach wherein we will explore, share, try out, and exercise various techniques of resonance. Doing and experience…various techniques on how to listen, feel, touch, be aware of, breathe, meditate, sonic walks, an initiation into cranio-sacral therapy, auto-suggestion,…these techniques then will be applied to our own artistic practices through self-reflection and practice. How do we invite magic and resonance into our daily practices and work?
Week 1: Next Doors at Conservatoire Antwerp. February 17-21, 2020.
Week 2: time and place tba (March/April)… at ‘Lizières’, Ramuntcho Matta’s artist in residence place near Paris. For this trip a contribution of € 200 per student will be asked to cover travel, housing and catering expenses.

For more information, please contact:

About Eric Thielemans:
No musician better illustrates the difference between playing music and playing with music than percussionist Eric Thielemans. He gets to the heart of the matter with an at times extremely minimalist approach, but on the other hand he frequently relies on a range of objects beyond the regular drum kit: a drum placed on its side, a bicycle wheel with a bow, hands and the body. They are all part of Thielemans’ rhythm. Not a traditional jazz rhythm, but the art of touch and a play with resonances. A carpentry workshop, playroom and an imaginative trajectory with a personal impulse as the thumping lifeline.