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Northern Light Parade

Each year, during Parade Noorderlicht, the residents of 2060 Antwerp form an artistic and colourful parade that brings light to the streets of the multicultural neighbourhood, at the invitation of AP Hogeschool and the Antwerp district.

The Noorderlicht Parade project is about the connection that art can make between the most diverse cultures. In 2021, the project will be organised for the fifth time by AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts. In this parade, everyone starts at one point and walks together to the neighbourhood party on the campus of AP. In and around the parade, young artists will present visual art, opera, experimental classical music, chanson, contemporary dance, Flemish folk songs, world music, photography, theatre and spoken word. But there are also local participants, local residents and organisations from 2060 Antwerp, who participate or propose a project. 

The artists on display are students of Music, Drama, Dance and Visual Arts from the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and the Antwerp Academy. Organiser Kris van 't Hof: "As always, the task of the artists is to be inspired by the neighbourhood. That makes this parade unique in its kind and the involvement of local residents in its realisation great. But the confrontation with residents and their environment here in 2060 also asks a different kind of commitment from our student artists from that of a work of art for an exhibition in a gallery, museum or on a stage. And that is a valuable experience for the aspiring artists."

Several local associations are helping to shape the project.  "With this parade, diversity in the arts is juxtaposed with the social diversity of the neighborhood and interacts with each other," adds Pascale De Groote, general manager of AP College. "Artists get a lot accomplished here because they have a deep understanding of community diversity."

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