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Eric Thielemans

Eric Thielemans is a Belgian jazzdrummer. He studied at the Jazz Studio in Antwerp. He used to play with Mâäk, Tape Cuts Tape (with Rudy Trouvé and Lynn Cassiers) and the Ben Sluijs Quartet. Nowadays he mainly plays with Jozef Dumoulin, his own ensemble EARR (Ensemble Artists Repertoire Research) and as a solo artist. EARR doesn’t play with a fixed line-up but Thielemans is often assisted by singer Claron McFadden, Peter Jacquemyn (bass), Jozef Dumoulin (keyboards), Jean-Yves Evrard (guitar) and Hilary Jeffery (trombone).

Since 2016 Thielemans has been organizing KLANKBAD, a salon and live radio podcast about contemporary perception of sound and sound culture in all its capacities and facets.

Eric Thielemans collaborated with Nico Dockx on the research project Vingertop of Hand and the eponymous interdisciplinary masterclass for students of the academy and the conservatory. During the masterclass they worked together with Walter Weyns and Gert Verschraegen (UA Sociology). The theme was: what do craft and skill mean to us today? The research project The Color in Shadow, a study of the subtle qualities of resonances in the spaces between things is a direct result of this masterclass and examines translation and methods of collaboration within an interdisciplinary context.