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Guillaume Bijl. Multiples & Editions

Guillaume Bijl. Multiples & Editions
Johan Pas and David Vermeiren (eds.)

The Antwerp artist Guillaume Bijl made his international breakthrough in the 1980s with his 'transformation installations'. He transforms galleries and museums into banal and recognisable commercial or entertainment environments such as a carpet shop, a supermarket or a TV Quiz decor. In addition, he presents cut-outs from reality as 'situation installations' and 'compositions trouvées'.

Less known but widely distributed, are the multiples (works of art in an edition) that Bijl creates. These banal-looking objects, selected by the artist, take on a completely different meaning when presented as an edition in an art context. Bijl also designed various posters and artist's books in the context of his projects and exhibitions.

This publication is the result of a research project at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and brings together for the first time all of Guillaume Bijl's multiples, posters and books.

-- 29.01-14.02.2021: Exhibition 'Guillaume Bijl. Multiples & Editions'

-- 09.92.2021: Online book launch and panel discussion 

This book is for sale at the library of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (from February 2021 on), or via art&

A limited edition with the multiple 'Composition Trouvée', 2021 (25 copies) is available via Stockmans Art Books: