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De Organisatie als Kunstwerk

How can we use imagination to organize ourselves? The research project examines the boundary between artwork and organization. Special emphasis goes to the precarious socio-economic position of the artist. Within the framework of this project, an official organizational structure is being set up that simultaneously functions as a work of art. The organization functions as a mobile platform that researches and tests various models of artistic (self-) organization through relationships and collaborations with artists and non-artists.

The purpose of the organization is to produce works of art (as forms / strategies of organization) without a specific author, and to investigate how this influences the archiving and distribution of these works. By exchanging with existing artist-run organizations in Belgium and abroad (including residences) and by setting up a digital platform (website) that collects and shares documentary and archival material, as well as own reflections and productions, the exchange of knowledge and reflection will be stimulated.

Can the integration of different forms of self-organization strengthen the social and societal position of artists and also lead to new forms of art practice and production? In addition to a permanent process of individual and collaborative creations, actions and interventions, this research will ultimately result in a publication in which various artefacts are collected.