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Extending Body and Material Reinvented

The project “Extending Body and Material Reinvented” set out to prepare, organize, execute and continue a semi-public event to enhance the visibility of the research group within the Academy, AP University of Applied Sciences and ARIA. The activities stretched over three weeks in September-October 2021 in the Lange Zaaland was called "open laboratory weeks". It included: workshops, performances, lectures, discussions, a PhD-seminar, a film screening and weekly evaluation moments. The project enabled the Body and Material Reinvented researchers to develop joint studio practices in an open laboratory. External relevant artists and guest speakers were invited to support the team.  Students, colleagues and interested members of the public could participate as they wished. The project resulted in a public pop-up exhibition in the Lange Zaal, a semi-permanent installation in the academy library, "The Cocoonery of Pandora" by artist Wim Wauman, and the start-up of a "reading group" by Roel Arkesteijn. The project formed the second part of a three-year action plan for 2020-2022 to strengthen the research group internally and to position it more firmly within the field of artistic research in the arts.

The results of the project can be found on the page of Body and Material Reinvented.

Executive researchers: Roel Arkesteijn, Stefania Assandri.
Participating researchers: Ines Ballesteros, Jo Caimo, drs. Andrea Cammarosano, drs. Anton Cotteleer, Michela dal Brollo, Eline De Clerck, Ellen De Meutter, Adam Galach, Anna Godzina, dr. Athar Jaber, Valentine Kempynck, Renata Lamenza, Lavinia Rossetti, Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi, Chris Snick, dra. Vivi Touloumidi, drs. Karel Tuytschaever, Lies Van Assche, drs. Bart Van Dijck, Xuanlin Wang, dr. Wim Wauman.