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The festival of classes

This research project assesses the artistic, educational and professional effects of certain forms of art education on the actor in training on the basis of interviews, performances, and a 'lesson festival'. In the first instance, the researcher will map out the artistic and educational profile of the students acting on the drama course at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. Subsequently, the students are subjected to a short-term educational paradigm switch in the curriculum of the program, in the form of a 'teaching festival' at the beginning of the academic year. During this lesson festival, the students come into contact with theater makers of various artistic 'origins' during intensive workweeks. The researcher then evaluates the effects on the students.

What influence does the exposure to a diversity of styles and methods have on their artistic development? Do students become more free, more confident, or do they otherwise develop new qualities as they are faced with different practices in a short time? Finally: does a greater number of contacts with directors and theater makers within the program provide more opportunities after school?