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Knitting the archive

‘Knitting the Archive’ looks at active acts of knitting as an information carrier from which stories can be told, and the unfolding function and meaning the archive hold within the fashion design project.
Bringing the word knitting with media is not so much to legitimate the craft as ‘Art’, but rather rethink knitting as a potential theory to radically shed a light on the contour of visual art’s already hybrid nature. There are knots between media and similarities in the creative process that deals with principles of threading, spinning, porosity, linearity, movement, sound, and text. Textility is inherent to any medium.

‘Knitting the Archive’ questions the essential attributes and functions of the conventional archive; being a structure of searchable collections, methods, and notes of creative processes in connection with creative and technical languages of many sorts. ‘Knitting the Archive’ actively investigates an extended space, a more generous, stimulating, experience-based, and open-ended laboratory: a living platform of fragments, speculation, and memories. It seeks out poetical practices of attention, breathing in and out something that is already there.