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Pamphilus pamfilet pamflet

The artistic research project 'Pamphilus, pamfilet, pamphlet' encourages the creation and distribution of a new kind of pamphlet, the artistic pamphlet. Artistic pamphlets are created to share complex points of view.

'Pamphilus, Pamfilet, Pamphlet' researches the meaning of the artistic pamphlet as form. It researches the possibilities of pamphlets in the present and in the future. It researches ways to encourage and promote the use of one's own voice through the use of artistic pamphlets. 

Firstly, the study looks at similarities and differences between the language of historical or political pamphlets and the language of the artistic pamphlet. Subsequently, the artistic pamphlets created by youths, children and groups of people for whom it is not obvious to have a voice, will be examined with the help of students. A large part of this research will consist of working with students from the Royal Conservatory Antwerp, Luca Leuven and Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. In total, this research contains four bachelor courses of several weeks, a master class and a workshop. A presentation is linked to each of these moments of learning, every presentation will place take place in a communal space. 

This project includes several collaborations with theatres. They’ll facilitate workshops and share their connections with organizations from society. Here too, presentations and actions within the communal space will be organized. The participants will create a visual edition of their work.