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Tine Van Aerschot

Tine Van Aerschot is a person with a sexual orientation, with a gender preference, with a colour, with an origin, with a cultural baggage, with a mental and a physical state, with an age, with a voice among voices, with an opinion among opinions. She is a person with opportunity and potential, with the privileges of someone who grew up in the white western middle class. She defines herself as an artist, a theatre maker, a teacher, a feminist, a thinker and as a person.

For 35 years she has been trying to communicate as clearly as possible with different audiences. She does this through various media and uses both images and text, she makes performances, posters and booklets. She knows her way around the internet and she has developed a large network in Belgium and beyond. As a teacher she shares her experience and knowledge with young artists, with the new generation. Today she wants to help create a platform for thoughts and opinions that do not reach her through natural communication channels. She wants to look for voices that are not heard. She wants to help increase the resilience of those who need it.