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This Small House Is All We Need

Building upon the deep bond Marc Bertel shares with a Black family living in South Los Angeles, This Small House Is All We Need is conceived of as an open-ended, constantly evolving research project transgressing the supposed boundaries between the artist's professional and personal life. The notion of artistic practice as a process to foster and fortify relations is at the core of the various interconnected artworks meditating on race, identity, death, surveillance and (family) relations. Concurrently however, it also aims to critically question the power structures immanent in artistic production in order to develop methods that allow for the protection of the integrity and privacy of those in front of the camera and other recording devices. Cultural differences as well as Marc's transition from outsider to insider are essential to This Small House Is All We Need and provide the very framework of this endeavor to build community and to reconcile the various, at times conflicting roles – family member, friend, artist and researcher – that he is taking up.