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CORPoREAL Invites Dance

CORPoREAL Invites Dance
Research day
by research group CORPoREAL

For their ‘CORPoREAL Invites’ series, research group CORPoREAL, together with the dance department organize a ‘CORPoREAL Invites Dance’ research day on Thursday October 28 covering a range of topics on embodiment and physicality.

Researchers, choreographers and dancers will present and share their work through lectures, workshops and installations at different locations in the Conservatoire. This will be an opportunity to observe, listen and experience research in dance and the arts from researchers connected to the Conservatoire for bachelor and (educational) master dance students with some presentations open to the public. 

Introduction by chair Annouk Van Moorsel
Contributions by prof. Dr. Timmy De Laet, Kathleen Coessens, Bob Selderslaghs, Renata Lamenza, Lisi Estaras, Max Greyson, Charo Calvo, Manon Avermaete, Arkadi Zaides.
Installations by Karel Tuytschaever and Renata Lamenza.

Download the programme