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Drawing Marathon

Every two years the Academy organizes a drawing marathon. Everyone is welcome to join our  teachers and students in their tribute to the art of drawing.

American writer Sherwood Anderson once wrote a touching letter to his son John, who studied painting in Paris:

Learn to draw. Try to make your hand so unconsciously adept that it will put down what you feel without it.
Then you can think of the thing before you. Draw things that have some meaning to you. An apple, what does it mean?
The object does not matter so much. It is what you feel about it, what it means to you.
A masterpiece could be made of a dish of turnips.
Draw, draw, hundreds of drawings.

During this marathon, students, teachers and sympathizers alike will be able to draw on everything: chickens, a camel, models, dancers and musicians from the Royal Antwerp Conservatoire, as well as boxers, motorcycles and puppeteers.

Revisit the 2018 drawing marathon below!

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