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Staff mobility

As a school, we want to focus on lifelong learning, not only of the students, but also of our teachers. After all, innovation and world knowledge are extremely important pillars that we want to introduce into educational practice on a daily basis. To do this, it is important that our teachers, but also our employees and other staff members, are aware of interesting and new global developments in arts education.

We have a solid international network that is regularly reviewed and updated on the basis of compatibility. Teachers and other staff members play a crucial role in identifying certain gaps and potential opportunities that can improve this network through prospection and teaching assignments.


In the nearby future, the Academy wants to focus its attention even more on teacher mobility. The lecturers of our programmes bring international contacts and guest lecturers into their ateliers and classrooms, participate in international (research) projects and establish sustainable collaborations and exchanges.

Not only teachers, but also other staff members are important players in the field of internationalization. A visit of or further training at our partner institutions can provide insight into novel ways of working that can then be introduced in the Academy. This way we stay informed about the latest ideas and (pro)actively integrate them behind the scenes of the school.

Practical information

On this link you can find all recent information to request a staff mobility.


Do you have any questions or would you like to receive feedback on certain internationalization issues in the Academy? Please contact Eric Ubben ( or Evie Gryson ( For questions related to the technicalities of your staff mobility request, you can send a message to the general email address  

Find below the road map for every request:

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Teachers and other staff who are interested in visiting our Academy and/or doing a teaching assignment here can go to this website for their registration.