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Reading rooms

Reading Room Arts Campus

(follow zone Beel laag)

The Arts Campus Reading Room is the result of an innovative joint venture by Antwerp's Royal Conservatoire (AP Hogeschool), deSingel and the Flemish Architecture Institute. Education and culture meet here in a special combination of collections that reflect the artistic disciplines on the campus.

The reading room is intended to be a stimulating knowledge environment, a centre for information and documentation, for music, drama, dance and architecture, where both the (prospective) professional and the interested amateur will find something to suit them.

A place for study and education, research and encounter, creative self-development and calm contemplation.

In the reading room there is an events display where information is available on the public activities organised by the Conservatoire, deSingel and the Flemish Architecture Institute. The ticket shop sells publications (books, DVDs, CDs etc.) related to these public activities.

The reading room is open every weekday from 10.00 to 17.00.

Reading Room Precosia

(fourth floor - follow zone Toren)

Only open after appointment.

Consulting preciosa.