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Vocal studies

Each year the Vocal trajectory (specialization Instrument / vocal studies) offered by the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp attracts a large number of students who come from across the whole world to use the teaching given by the Conservatoire’s solid team of internationally-renowned singing experts to advance their skills and to shape them into professional artists at the very highest level.

The vocal department (a trajectory of the specialization Instrument / vocal studies) has developed a specialized study programme which is based on the specific demands of the professional singing world.

General vocal technique, repertoire study, stage presence, and choral skills are at the heart of the curriculum in the bachelor's programme. A broad range of supporting subjects provides essential supplementary training: language coaching, piano and harmonisation, analysis of Lied repertoire, fitness training and physical awareness, literature study, presentation, and shaping material for scenic presentation on the stage.  In the general, basic music training courses - analysis, harmony and counterpoint, aural skills - connections are always made to specific vocal repertoire. During the third year of the bachelor's course, you can immerse yourself further into the world of opera, oratorio, and/or Lied.

After the broad bachelor's training, master's students have a choice of specialisations, and the teaching staff play a crucial role in this; together with you they set out an individual study pathway depending on your own unique aspirations and talents.

The one-on-one coaching in your main subject is supplemented by group-work in the Acting and Presentation, Scenic Improvisation, Chamber Choir, and Opera lessons. Various stage projects will allow you to gain extensive practical experience: each year, several opera projects, opera scenes directed by external directors, and concerts with external and internal orchestras take place. During the five-year bachelor's and master's study, you will grow as an artistic entrepreneur and establish interdisciplinary and creative projects with fellow students from other disciplines. 

Short courses, auditions and audition training sessions are organised in close co-operation with professional partners in the arts world. Intense collaborations with the Koninklijke Muntschouwburg, the Muziektheater Transparent, and international conservatoria and orchestras will bring you to the professional concert and opera stage. In addition, you will receive coaching from internationally-renowned great masters during masterclasses and lecture recitals. Students of the vocal studies can also subscribe to the modules of the European Opera Academy, an ambitious platform of 16 conservatoires which open up best practices and teaching modules in opera education for young professionals.

It’s easy to see why our students and alumni find their way both during and after their study to the national and international stage in all facets of the singing world.