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Looking for a scholarship to be able to undertake the international experience you have been longing for? Students on the Move helps you on your way!

On this page you can find an overview of all scholarships that you can request as a student from a Flemish higher education institution to study, so an internship or thesis research abroad. You can do this during your studies, but there are also opportunities to receive a scholarship for an internship abroad, righter after graduation.

The Erasmus+ programme offers grants not only for student mobilities during studies but also for traineeship mobilities shortly after graduation. The Flemish universities and universities of applied sciences (and arts) have jointly formed a consortium to offer Erasmus+ grants for traineeships after graduation to graduate, bachelor’s or master’s degree students as well as PhD students. This consortium is called the Flanders Traineeship Platform and is managed by the Flemish Higher Education Council (VLUHR). This manual offers a clear overview of what you have to submit when in order to get a chance at receiving a scholarship for an internship abroad after graduation.

Any questions? Contact Evie Gryson for more information!