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Track Report

Track Report reports on research in/as art. It is conceived as a flexible ‘paper presentation space’ in which the artists/authors experience the greatest possible freedom to determine the form and content, within the physical limitations of the publication. In that sense, Track Report is a hybrid form that is situated between the artist's book and the art publication. In addition, each publication can also be understood as a report, as a ‘track’, of a research process and/or result.

Every year, four to five issues, selected by an editorial board, are published. The diversity of research, discipline, form, etc., highlights the different facets of research in the arts at the Royal Academy. In this way, Track Report hopes not only to document and stimulate research and research activities, but also to inform and inspire those who have an affinity with research and the arts.

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Recent Track Report publications:

Wim Wauman – Getijdenbooek / Book of Tides

Geert Goiris – World Without Us

Charlotte Lybeer – Linus’ Blanket