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Mission and vision

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp: a House for the Arts and an International Biotope

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts was founded in 1663 on the initiative of an artist, David Teniers the Younger. It is one of the first art schools in the world and, with its unique historical campus in Antwerp as a base, has gained name and fame with its educational programs and research projects. In addition, the Academy profiles itself as an active player in the cultural field.

As an inspired and inspiring biotope, located in the heart of an international harbour city, the Academy wants to form its students into critical and creative artists, designers, researchers and educators who engage and manifest themselves in a rapidly changing art world and society. With its range of bachelor's and master's programs in the fine and applied arts, its educational master's and its doctoral program, the Academy has everything to do this.

As an artists’ 'and researchers' collective, the Academy has the ambition to be an international, dynamic and passionate living, thinking and working environment where all stakeholders, students and employees, are optimally involved in all aspects of the operation and communication and collaboration takes place in a transparent and open way.

An excellent art practice flourishes in a process in which material and mental deepening enter into dialogue. A solidly substantiated studio program, a thorough theoretical framework and close collaborations with local, national and international partners guarantee a finger on the pulse of visual and design art education. Research and doctoral projects question and push the boundaries of art and design practice. Artistic and educational projects and publications guarantee the dissemination of this expertise.

Aiming at excellent, innovative art and design education and qualitative, groundbreaking artistic research, the Academy wants to consolidate and continue its historic pioneering role. All this with attention to the artistic, cultural and social challenges of today and tomorrow, and in line with the strategic mission of the AP University College.

Building on its artistic and pedagogical expertise and in view of current challenges, the Academy wants to continue its mission by striving for more ambition, assertiveness and adaptivity. We specifically focus on sustainability, diversity and Do It Yourself / Do It Together. Together these six spectra (3 x A and 3 x D) form the core of our policy vision for the coming five years.

Johan Pas
Head of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp