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The most recently-established research group of the Royal Conservatoire, CREATION invites researchers to share a fresh, interdisciplinary, intercultural and/or inclusive look into the phenomenon of 'creation'. Using as its point of departure a creative standpoint which can comprise music, drama and dance, CREATION researchers are encouraged to explore beyond the known borders of their discipline: other cultures, various performing arts disciplines, new media forms, exciting locations or cutting-edge techniques.

Focus: contemporary creations, interdisciplinarity, interculturality, inclusivity

Team: Ine Vanoeveren (chairwoman and coordinator), Hans Roels, Winnie Huang, Vitja Pauwels, Casper Van De Velde, Hendrik Lasure, Thomas Moore, Umut Eldem, Lidelotte Sels, Sascha Bornkamp, Leonore Spee, Daniela Fantechi, Alireza Farhang, Eric Thielemans, Mac Greyson, Paolo Galli, Amit Gur, Carlos Brito Dias, Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, Marco Fusi, Charlotte Van de Broek, Jana Coorevits, Geaffa Fels

Contact: Ine Vanoeveren -