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What's Next?!

I just graduated from the Academy, but don't know where to start from there. How do I start the application process as an independent artist? Is it a good idea to work together with a gallery? What if I want to work abroad? And what about subsidies and residences? Is continuing my studies also an option?

What's Next?! offers an answer to all sorts of questions you, as a student or alumnus/a, are thinking about when leaving the trusted hallways of the Academy. We take up themes that you might encounter during your search for the next step and help you on your way.

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15.11.2023 Lokale en internationale projecten met jongeren en subsidies

Lies Jacob van JINT

Wintertuin, KA
29.11.2023 Pricing for artwork Bart Vanderbiesen from Base-Alpha Gallery Wintertuin, KA
20.12.2023 Agreements and invoices Lies Martens Gele zaal, KCA
28.2.2024 Entrepreneurship Inge Verhaegen and Nathalie De Schepper from AP Hogeschool Lange Zaal, KA
6.3.2024 Cultuurloket Fleur Wirtz from Cultuurloket Zwarte zaal, KCA
13.3.2024 Entrepreneurship and wellbeing Kris Stroobant Zwarte zaal, KCA
17.4.2023 Flanders Arts Institute Nixie Van Laere from Kunstenpunt Witte zaal, KCA
25.4.2023 Where's the money and how to get it? Funding possibilities for young artists Alex Mallems & Stad Antwerpen Aula Pand, KA
15.5.2023 Collaborating (with galleries) Tobias Van Royen from Twee-eiige Drieling Aula Pand, KA