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Costume Design

In recent years theatre, performance, dance, opera and film have merged into artistic hybrid forms in which different disciplines from the performing arts work together.

Costume Design wants to offer a programme that connects the performing arts with contemporary visual arts. Dressing the body and the performative are central to this.

In the Bachelor programme the student learns to develop a clear concept from a personal inspiration or a text. A variety of techniques are offered to realise these ideas, concepts and costumes. We expect students to be interested in social themes and the contemporary art world. An extensive theoretical basis ensures that one can develop a personal and critical vision of the performing arts in all their manifestations. In addition, the future designer will be supervised by a driven team of professionals who are involved in the various aspects of contemporary performing arts. We focus on the development of drawing skills, perception, visual communication and all profession-related techniques to design and realize costumes.

In addition, we impart knowledge through practical exercises in which text analysis, dramaturgy, semiotics, character analysis, scenography, technical research and collaboration are important. Theoretical framework includes research methodology, art history, art theory, theatre history analysis techniques, analysis of the film costume and costume history. Through collaborative projects, internships, workshops and exercises, a wide range of tools is offered and the student is given the opportunity to gain practical experience in the field.

The Master degree is focused on the student’s own artistic research. The graduation project is presented in a personal and professional manner in a multidisciplinary context centred on visual and performing arts. The graduate can work as an autonomous artist or, as a costume designer, seek collaborations in the world of the performing arts, performance, film and television.