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Costume Design

Theatre has become an artistic melting pot where elements from performance art are mixed with visual arts and multimedia. The Costume Design specialisation offers a programme that combines the exploration of the medium 'theatre' with the study of contemporary art.

This programme is not training students to merely become 'costume makers', but rather designers of theatre costumes, which demands a lot more. We expect students to have an interest in culture and social themes.

The variety of theory courses makes sure you acquire a wide and critical vision on the medium 'theatre', and all its aspects. You are also guided by a motivated team of professionals who are familiar with all aspects of contemporary theatre. We invest heavily in developing your drawing skills, both for observational drawing and for your own design sketches.

We provide you with the tools of the craft through practical exercises, which include text analysis, dramaturgy, semiotics, character analysis, technical research and practical execution. The internships, workshops and exercises are a great opportunity to gain experience in the professional world.

The bachelor programme is three years, and intense. In the master programme, the focus lies on your own artistic research at a high level, and on presenting your graduation project in a personal and professional way.