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To give shape to your environment in a three-dimensional language: that is the core of our sculpture specialization. You explore the most diverse possibilities of structures, colours and textures, from clay, plaster, metal, stone and mixed media.

Sculpture is a trajectory (of the specialization Fine Arts) in which the studio is the centre. This atelier is an artistic hotbed where you can practice and work both together and individually. Your fellow students are your support, stimulus and discussion partners.

First you learn the basic techniques of sculpting. Based on this, your own artistic language can develop freely. By modelling, drawing and visually analysing reality, you come to display the human figure in clay. In addition, you also receive assignments on composition and assembly.

Gradually you develop a personal artistic research, in which you are guided individually by a team of professional artists and receive the necessary theoretical context.

Drawing is an important part of your personal research. Both figure and anatomical drawing, as well as researching and designing sketches are discussed. That way you end up with your own style. Your visual work can therefore go in all directions, from the figurative to the extremely abstract, and everything in between.