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The research platform MAXlab focuses on the interaction between art and digital technology.

The objective is twofold. On the one hand, it examines how digital techniques can expand the toolbox of the artist. In various projects, workshops, bachelor and master classes these tools are developed and implemented through experiments.
On the other hand, MAXlab confirms the artist in the role of observer who reflects through the art practice on the rapidly evolving technology and the social and social transformation that goes with it. The polarization that the digital revolution apparently inevitably entails - the technophiles versus the technophobes - demands a nuanced analysis and a critical attitude. Research projects, lectures and exhibitions should shape this attitude.

MAXlab aims to promote the integration of digital techniques within classical study programs and to give new art forms such as computer-generated art, social media art and virtual reality a place within the Academy. This creates a breeding ground where artists are given the opportunity to manipulate digital technology. The better the artist succeeds in this, the more invisible the technology becomes. Does the artist keep the control? Or does the technology - partly or otherwise - get a say in the creation process? And what does this say about the relationship between art and technology, society and technology?

Focus: The relation between art and digital technology in an interdisciplinary context 

Team: Janna Beck (co-chairwoman), Kristof Timmerman (co-chairman), Yanis Berrewaerts, Charo Calvo, Giusy Caruso, Annelise Cerchedean, Jeroen Cluckers, Peter Lemmens, Philip Meersman, Martino Morandi, Kristof Overdulve, Gina Poortman, Michael Segers, Lowie Spriet, Wouter Steel, Ine Vanoeveren, Giulia Vismara

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(Photo by Olga Wroniewicz / Urban Travel Machines)