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Without the body, there is no fashion. Fashion exists because of it. Through drawing, you find a way for the body to relate to the surrounding reality. That is still the foundation of this specialization.

The most valued aspect of this internationally renowned programme is that it lets you experiment without limits in your thinking and working process. You are encouraged to push yourself creatively, starting from your own interests, knowledge and personality.

You won't be doing this alone, but with intense individual guidance from a professional team of teachers who have made their mark on the fashion industry. The relationship between the teaching staff and the international group of students is pleasant, close and intense. Working and thinking together, and exchanging ideas is a major component of this programme.

The thorough studying of materials and of both traditional and innovative techniques is not the end goal. It is merely a tool that you will use to experiment with. The programme offers many options, but doesn't force anything on you. The freedom to choose, the content, expertise and the quality of your results form the basis for the evolution of your own signature style.