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Research group LABO XIX&XX focuses on music culture in Antwerp, and by extension in Belgium. The abundant music archive in the Royal Conservatoire’s library forms an important source of inspiration for research projects. Through a variety of subjects, ranging from 17th century Christmas carols to jazz in the harbour docks of Antwerp, LABO XIX&XX enters into a dynamic dialogue with a continuously evolving history. The research group takes a multi- and interdisciplinary perspective, seeking the intersections between musicology, literature, theatre studies, music analysis, performance practice, and archive and library studies. This results in a fresh look on the past, improved knowledge, and plenty unexplored repertoire to be newly interpreted in a proper context.

Focus: Stage culture in Antwerp and Belgium. Music archive in context.

Team: David Vergauwen, Simon De Paepe, Stijn Saveniers, Nicholas Cornia, Anne Pustlauk, Jan Dewilde, Piet Stryckers, Ann Cnop, Bram Fournier, Eline Jans, Philippe Cortens, Hannah Aelvoet (chairwoman), Pauline Lebbe (coordinator)

Contact: Pauline Lebbe -