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Fine Arts - Printmaking

In a fast world dominated by digital media, a lot of artists turn to slowing down the (re)production process, and drawing. Unlike purely digital methods, printmaking offers a challenging material component.

Printmaking is a constantly evolving medium. On the one hand you have traditional techniques like embossing, etching, litography and silkscreen. On the other hand we see the rise of computer printing and 3D printing. The programme Printmaking involves both the traditional and the new, and approaches these in an innovative way.

Printmaking offers the ability to spread ideas and images through printed images, multiples, artist publications, mail art or reproduction techniques. It is a communicative artform, and this offers many possibilities, from luxurious hand-bound artist publications, to cheap Xerox zines. The technical properties of printmaking allow you to form a specific visual language, with expressions that may not be possible in other artforms.

In the Printmaking trajectory (of the specialization Fine Arts) a team of professionals takes you on a journey: from traditional techniques from Japan and China, through modern prints from American and European artists, all the way to the contemporary world of printmaking. You will develop your own visual style, which will develop even more through your interaction with professionals from various art forms. As a graduate of the master programme you can become an independent visual artist, or look for collaborations in the cultural landscape.