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Open classrooms: DANCE

As part of ARTICULATE 2023, the artist-researchers of the Conservatoire present their research to the students, by elaborating on the scope of their project, by introducing their methods, research process, or (preliminary) conclusions, by performing an artistic result or by supervising a workshop.

Friday 20 October


'When the artist swallows his image'
pitch for research class / room 435

As part of his PhD research, Karel Tuytschaever delves into the connection between a creator's physicality and the utilization of lens-based media to portray physicality in visual imagery. Within our global visual culture, lens-based media, theatre, and dance frequently focus on the exchange of information, often leading to the objectification of the human body. Consequently, the genuine physical connection to the body tends to fade, both for the audience and the artist.

Only for students Master in Dance and educational Master in Dance

'Performative historiography'
workshop / room 435
language: English 

What we commonly perceive as history is, in fact, a narrative crafted by individuals from both the past and the present. Is it possible for us to truly embody the past? In her research project 'Play(s) of Féminitude: The Role of Female Artists in Belgian Theatre History 1830-1948,' Edith Cassiers is developing strategies to re(dis)cover and (re)imagine womxn's history. This workshop delves into various feminist, queer, and decolonial performative strategies aimed at bringing history to life.


'Moving through noise'
workshop / room 436
by Miguelángel Clerc Parada
language English 

This workshop is based on interdisciplinary methodologies developed through Clerc Parada’s collaborations as a composer with diverse choreographers. Aural and acoustic tasks will be given to explore multiple ways to relate to space and the others, to generate physical movement and to find new choreographic and communicational tools.
His research investigates the transformative and adaptive nature of noise in collaborative processes, its potential as a conceptual tool in educational settings and explores noise as a term to think about the performing body in terms of resistance. Through this workshop he will delve into the threshold between sound and noise, examining how this relation affects the embodying experience of the tasks.

> Part of ARTICULATE 2023

image: Khora (c) Jim De Block