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Research class: PHANTOM RADIO

research class by Ine Meganck & Valentijn Goethals

In the nearby future, the ephemeral space between 88 and 108 MHz will become vacant due to the shift to digital radio. Phantom Radio wants to search for new artistic interpretations of this mental and physical space. How can artists work in this unconventional place? Parasitic and hyperlocal use of this privatised space makes it possible to escape the legal restrictions of the medium. How can these restrictions further enhance creativity and production? How to create visibility where there is nothing to see? Phantom Radio as an extension of the school's invisible work and exhibition infrastructure.

During the research class, we will distribute pre-selected printed mater that will be the starting point for creating new audio works. These works go beyond mere translations of the given starting point. They becoming autonomous and personal works. We produce, distribute and reflect on meaning, materiality, audience, strategy & communication. We forget radio as we know it. We consciously use the medium to create and exhibit new artistic purposes. We think abstractly, free from clichés, free from frequency, free from time and space. Phantom Radio is mobile and appears wherever and whenever the work deems it necessary. Radio does not travel to us anymore, but as an audience you are invited to actively search for it.

We start the research class with a lecture and dive deeper into previous projects and the potential of the medium. After the distribution of the original starting material, the students will be guided through group discussions and individual feedback. The week will be concluded with a public radio event where works will be broadcasted within the radio spectrum.

Phantom Radio
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(CANCELLED) Fri 29.10, 16:00 – 17:00 
To conclude the research class, we will place a transmitter somewhere (in a place yet to be discovered) in the Academy building. If you tune in on 91.0, you will hear the works that we made during the research class. We will connect our speakers to the 'Phantom Radio' so that they can be heard just as loud in the corridors of the Academy.

>> This research class is part of the RESEARCH WEEK October 2021 and ARTICULATE 2021.