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S0M_AI / Wings

Experimental dance performance and aftertalk
by KLAAS DEVOS / Reach and Collabs., LWT3
Language: English

New technologies are significantly influencing the way humans think about and perform dance. In their innovative experiments, Klaas Devos and Collabs. are exploring the potential of expanding awareness in dance through human-machine collaboration. This groundbreaking project is an integral part of Klaas Devos's practice-based Ph.D. in the arts titled 'Re:Thinking Bodies in Dance: A Somatic REACh.' Project S0M_AI represents a remarkable dance-inspiring software developed after three years of field research in somatic-based dance practices. The interface of S0M_AI generates physical tasks and provides guidance to dancers through verbal cues. Devos's aim is to investigate how S0M_AI can facilitate immediate improvements in dance within audio-visual environments, ultimately making dance more accessible to diverse audiences.

Furthermore, 'Wings,' a biometric choreography, introduces a dance form that transcends the human realm by delving deeper into the body. Dancers wear a machine created by LWT3, which enables them to explore bodily sensations such as heartbeat and muscle tensions in real-time. These sensory inputs serve as dramatic and choreographic tools in the creative process, propelling dance into a more expansive and inclusive realm.

Part of ARTICULATE 2023

image: Torso, Pavel F. Tchelischev (1952)