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research days

Program Academy
26 - 31 October 2020

Program Conservatoire
11 - 13 November 2020

Can artistic research contribute to imagining new perspectives, now that our way of life is shaken up?

When Walter Gropius developed an innovative form of art education with Bauhaus 101 years ago, he was driven by the conviction that the arts had a role to play in the reconstruction of society after the First World War. Today, it is not a world war affecting us, but a global viral crisis, throwing us into a similar momentum: the need to question the old and create the new. Not utopian, but with the resources we have at our disposal.

BAUHAUS 1 0 1 is the fifth edition of ARTICULATE, the annual research days of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. In this edition, we reflect on the possibilities of art education and artistic research in these disrupted times. How can we, as Schools of Arts, resiliently and sustainably deal with social developments? Which role can artists and researchers play in stimulating new connections between art and a society where closed bubbles become the standard? How do we create alternative artistic models for encounter, creation, reflection, cooperation, dialogue and disagreement, while a forced transition to a less physical and more controlled daily working and learning environment is taking place?

ARTICULATE - BAUHAUS 1 0 1 is understood as a shared moment for searching, presenting, and meeting, a laboratory where the researchers of our Schools of Arts open up their projects – regardless the stage in the process - to colleagues, students and a wider audience. This is facilitated through a program of research classes, concerts, performances, lectures, presentation moments and work sessions. Depending on its development phase, a research could need a deeper dialogue, a louder resonance or a longer reverberation. That is why some activities are for students only or addressing specialized peers. Other activities welcome a wider audience with an interest in research and art, from music, drama and dance to visual arts.

ARTICULATE - BAUHAUS 1 0 1 is not an art historical trip, on the contrary, it actively looks into the future. It is an open invitation to get inspired by the variety of shapes, situations and outcomes that researchers generate during their artistic process at our Schools of Arts. Expect a series of fragile and wonderful encounters with the ability of artists to – over and over again – rethink their own practice and its position in the world.