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Acting: Artistic Entrance Examination

In the acting programme, the focus is on shaping and developing students into actors who are employable in a diverse range of spoken-word theatres (small and major theatres, performances on location, theatres for young and for old, from repertoire to experimental theatre, from 'director’s theatre' to collaborative works, from solo to ensemble works).

At the time of enrolling in the academic bachelor’s or master’s programmes for Drama, students/candidates must demonstrate that they have sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language. The following will suffice for this purpose: evidence of having successfully completed one year of secondary education in Dutch, evidence of having achieved at least 60 study points in a Dutch-speaking course of higher education, evidence of having passed level C1 of the Interuniversity Dutch-language Test for non-native-Dutch Speakers (the “Interuniversitaire Taaltest Nederlands voor Anderstaligen” (ITNA)), or other evidence from a centre for adult education or recognised language centre. 

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