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In the past academic year, students from Antwerp Conservatoire, KASK Drama Ghent, LUCA Leuven and RITCS Brussel have been immersing themselves in the work of the Ancient Greeks. KVS invited Lisaboa Houbrechts to examine Johan Boonen’s new translation of Antigone with them. With musical support from Jérôme Bertier, they put together a comprehensive reading that they are now reviving for the festival Love at first Sight (as part of student@work).

In ‘Antigone’, the seminal work on the theme of resistance, a young woman refuses to submit to Kreon, King of Thebes’ authority. She is determined to bury her brother and subsequently commits suicide. This unpretentious reading is once again the result of a short workshop with students. Lisaboa Houbrechts affords a central role to the choir, the citizens.