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Aperitif concert Jong Geluid

Concert as a part of the Aperitif concert series


Percussion: Benjamin Verstraete

Bad Touch (2013)
Casey Cangelosi's Bad Touch is a unique composition in the repertoire for percussion. The work is completely visual and therefore does not use an instrument. The work consists of four parts.

  • The Touched
  • The Antenna
  • The Mixed Self: The accumulation of absurd and unrelated sounds pushes the performer to a level where the technical requirements and stick control are of a very high level.
  • The Constellations: In this part the performer depicts the constellations. In the background plays C Major Prelude of Bach, which was sent in the voyager Spacecraft (1977) that the space was shot.

Mare Tranquillitatis
Mare Tranquillitatis (Latin for 'sea of ​​rest') is a mare (moon sea) on the moon, visible from the earth with the naked eye. The mare is formed by a large impact basin that is filled with lava solidified from lava, as a result of which it has a relatively flat surface. The Mare Tranquillitatis is known as the landing spot of the first manned space unit on the Moon, the Apollo 11. This composition allows the audience, through seven parts, to relive this journey.

  • Escaping the atmosphere
  • Celestial highway
  • The far dark side
  • Orbit
  • Lunar Bounce
  • Passing the lake of time
  • Reaching the sea

Prime Ordinals
Prime Ordinals is a composition written by Jim Casella, inspired by prime numbers. All elements such as groupings, notes, phrasing, etc. are based on prime numbers.

The word 念 (pronounced as Nian) has several meanings. Some examples are memories, meditation, meaning and meaning. For the composer, however, Nian stands for spiritual, inner peace and self-awareness. This is comparable with Buddhism, on which the work is largely inspired.

Temazcal (1984)
Temazcal is a work for solo maracas and backing track. The composition, written in 1984, requires a complete mastery of traditional maracaste technique.

Walking Station (2018)
This work was composed by Benjamin Verstraete himself for his master's thesis. This composition uses 'newer' instruments in the percussion world, such as the cajon, handpan and much more.

A Mis Abuelos
Benjamin got to know A Mis Abuelos during a concert with the Belgian Navy. During the performance, he had so much pleasure playing this work that he decided to perform this work during his master's thesis.


Admission: € 15 / € 10 (Friends)

No reservation, aperitif included