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The annual festival for research and art ARTICULATE is back from 21 to 25 October, starring Fluxus as the trending topic for 5 days of exhibitions, performances, concerts, artist talks, etc. The programme is born from the current research in the arts that is conducted at the Academy and the Conservatoire and is a festive opportunity for researchers to show their projects to colleagues, students and the general public. You can join a a free master class by Els Dietvorst and Dirk Braekman on ‘Time is a book (is Time)’. The HPSCHD happening merges 5 hours of John Cage on 7 harpsichords with live drawing, and for the premiere of VENSTERS we treat you to 3 analog projections at the same time. ARTICULATE is an invitation to participate in the multiplicity of forms, situations and outcomes that our artistic researchers create in their process. 

More information you can find on our Facebookpage Articulate research days or on our website 


21—25.10 in Royal Academy 
Time is a book (is time) / Els Dietvorst & Dirk Braeckman

23—25.10 in Royal Conservatoire 
Umut Eldem / Hearing Glass

23—25.10 in Venushal Royal Academy 
Cage & Co: Happening Fluxus & Intermedia in Print / CRAP! 

23—25.10 in Wintertuin Royal Academy 
88 Clouds Will Rain For You / Iosif Király & Christine Ulke for Europalia Romania

23.10 Royal Academy 
15:00 in Aula Pand
What the Fluxus? / Aurélie Daems, Johan Pas & Christofer Frederiksson 

16:55 & 17:15 in Tempel
John Cage’s Concert for Piano and Orchestra / Thomas R. Moore & Nadar Summer Academy 

18:00 in De Lange Zaal 
HPSCHD: 5 hours of John Cage / Frank Agsteribbe, Yves Senden, Daniel Valkenborgh, Jeroen Malaise, Luc Vanvaerenbergh, Korneel Bernolet, Liselotte Sels, Janna Beck, Wouter Steel and students
Concert &Live- drawing 

24.10 Royal Conservatoire 
12:30 in Gele zaal
Anthony Braxton’s Ghost Trance Music / Kobe Van Cauwenberghe

13:00 in Gele zaal 
#dramaqueen: The Silenced / Ine Vanoeveren 
Lecture-performance w/ audio description

14:00 in Blauwe foyer (deSingel)
Possible spaces–floods & tides / Nina Herbosch 

14:45 in Gele zaal
Flux-Us-Now / Winnie Huang
Lecture-performance w/ audio description

15:50 in Entrance deSingel
Soundwalk deSingel / Ine Vanoeveren 

17:00 in Gele zaal 
Choreographing potentialities of collectivity / Tuur Marinus 

20:00 in Witte zaal 
VENSTERS / HERMESensmble & Karin de Fleyt
Concert & Screening

20:40 in Gele zaal
Anthony Braxton’s Ghost Thrance Music / Kobe Van Cauwenberghe 

Pop-up musical intervention by Vitja Pauwels, Hendrik Lasure and Casper Vandevelde