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Liszt-Bartók concert and PhD defence Levente Kende

Endlich etwas wirklich neues
PhD defence Levente Kende

Artistic presentation and defence of the PhD project 'Endlich etwas wirklich neues’,
a comparative research of (r)evolutionary innovations in the late piano works (1860-1886) by Ferenc Liszt and the early piano works (1908-1912) by Béla Bartók,

conducted by Levente Kende between 2017 and 2020 at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (AP Hogeschool), within the research group LABO XIX&XX, and ARIA (UAntwerp).

15:30 - 18:30


Charlotte Wajnberg (soprano), Jolente De Maeyer (violin), Leander Carlier (baritone), Aaron Wajnberg (piano), Nikolaas Kende (piano)

18:00 - 19:30 

Prof. Dr. Annick Schramme (Chairman of the jury), Dr. Stephan Weytjens (supervisor), Prof. Dr. Henk de Smaele (supervisor), Luc Van Hove (supervisor, member of the individual doctoral committee), Prof. Dr. Francis Maes (member of the individual doctoral committee), Dr. Carl Van Eyndhoven (member of the individual doctoral committee), Jill Lawson (member of the jury)

Download here the programma brochure (Dutch only)

My PhD research focuses on the late piano works of Ferenc Liszt and the early piano works of Béla Bartók. These works by Liszt and Bartók completely break with the Romantic idiom of the works that preceded them. For both composers, they herald a new style of composition. The central research question is therefore: what prompted Liszt and Bartók to break with their Romantic style and to embark on a similar path of early modernity? To this end, the research also focuses on the comparison between Liszt and Bartók themselves: to what extent do Liszt's late works form an "avant-garde basis" for Bartók's style and compositional technique? In other words: how do Liszt's compositional techniques as crystallised in his late piano works "resonate" with Bartók's new style? A new style about which Busoni, referring to the 14 Bagatelles, says: "Endlich etwas wirklich neues". 
-- Levente Kende

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