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Masterclass: THINK TANK future TV

masterclass by Kristof Timmerman & Janna Beck

The media landscape is on the eve of a revolutionary upheaval. Over the next decade, "watching television" will change radically. Where television used to be in the hands of the government and used as propaganda, new channels such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook,… give the possibility to stream your own content. Subscribers or followers sometimes number in the millions. What will the TV channel of the future look like? How do you define a TV channel today? What is the difference between Tik-Tok, Netflix and VRT? Where are the opportunities for the arts in this revolution?

In this masterclass, students develop in small groups new TV formats of the future. They design a visual identity, form and substantive concept that they present at the end of the masterclass in a launch event with a one minute trailer. This is streamed live from the Wintertuin.

The masterclass starts on Monday October 26 with a series of lectures. A number of (inter)national guests will talk about contemporary media channels, the role of (digital) arts and the relationship to their own work. These "TALKS" will be followed by a limited number of spectators in the Wintertuin, including the participants of the masterclass. A larger audience can follow and interact via live streaming. In the following days, the participants get to work themselves as 'think thank' for innovative TV formats. On Thursday evening, the participants will present their concepts to each other with their presentation vlogs also being streamed online.

This lecture series and masterclass are the kick-off of the research project VISI.ON.AIR. With this project MAXlab wants to initiate a dialogue about media, art and technology. The aim is the development of a digital TV channel. Researchers will edit, conceptualize, design and develop the programs and invite students and external artists to contribute.
At the end of the journey, this should provide an experimental eclectic overview of what is going on within MAXlab and the Academy in the field of digital art.

(Image: Nam June Paik, 'TV Clock', 1963)

>> This masterclass is part of the RESEARCH WEEK October 2020 and ARTICULATE | BAUHAUS 1 0 1.