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  • ! CANCELED ! Naughty Kids – Punk in Antwerp. Book launch & film screening

! CANCELED ! Naughty Kids – Punk in Antwerp. Book launch & film screening

COVID-19 – UPDATE (28.10.2020)
In line with the appeal of the hospitals and the urgent call of experts, the Academy has decided to close the exhibitions ‘The Unrully Aparatus’ and ‘Track Report. The first Decade’ as from Thursday 29.10 for external visitors.
The book launch and film screening ‘Naughty Kids. Punk in Antwerp’, scheduled during the Antwerp Art Nocturne on Saturday 31.10, will also be cancelled.


Naughty Kids – Punk in Antwerp
Book launch & film screening


Book launch
Two years after ‘Naughty Kids. Punk in Antwerp’ (2018), the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Track Report present a book that documents this remarkable exhibition. Through installation shots of the exhibited photographs, printed matter, works of art, music, clothing, punk paraphernalia and living witnesses, the publication brings the impact of punk, post-punk, New Wave and neopunk in Antwerp into the picture.

Film screening
During the event, the documentary film ‘Anarchy & Attitude. Punk in Antwerp 1980-1990’ (2018) by Christine Clinckx will be screened permanently. For this film Clinckx, once a member of the Antwerp Punk community herself, interviewed punk musicians, artists, designers and other rebels about their anarchist years in Antwerp.

(Image: The Kids, juni 1977 © The Kids)

>> This event is part of the program of ARTICULATE | BAUHAUS 1 0 1.