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Potluck - theatrical melting pot of stories and music

Seven individuals meet. 
What do they bring? 
A story of their own, an idea, a song, a memory, a cake. 
They share stories and tastes. And that for ten weeks. 
Now they are ready to share it with the audience too. 
Sometimes peppery, an occasional bit bitter, then as sweet as candyfloss. 
The voices are greased,
the disco ball is spinning,
life with its little happiness and its big annoyances is celebrated and denounced. 
Join us at our theatrical buffet, on good luck. 
Welcome to our Potluck. 


A performance by and with: Cindy Van Nuffel, Cristina Nascimento, Inge, Kaat Groenwals, Malika, Siham, Tamara Druzhynina
Coaching and direction: Mira Bertels and Michael Vergauwen
Practice supervision: Rashif El Kaoui
Promoter: Bob Selderslaghs 
This performance is part of Mira and Michael's Art Educational Project (KEP) as a component of their Educational Master at the Antwerp Conservatoire. This makes them 'Art Educator in Residence 2024' talent development project of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Musica Impluscentrum for Music and International Arts Centre DE SINGEL. This project was supported by the District of Antwerp and made possible by the following partners: CO Nova, Fameus, Atlas.