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Reinventing Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet’s love story is worldwide known. What if this time you will revive the story but from a different point of view? This is what Reinventing Romeo and Juliet is about. This famous tragedy will be told with other major impediments to the love of the protagonists: the Covid and the enmity between two great orchestras. Let me tell you this fantastic story with the help of music, which will make us travel to the city of Nervona, and experience the problems of love between these two young people.

Creative project by Sánchez Morales with Gil Ortega, Lucía (viola), Mas Manresa, Xavier (cello), Sánchez Morales, Beatriz (flute), Graciá Rodríguez, Blanca (piano), Aparicio Hernández, Fulgencio (violin), Ruiz González, Andrés (trumpet) Nogueiro Blanco, Pablo (obou), Delgado Sánchez, Camilo (trombone), López Bailón, Christian Iván (viola).