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Lecture and performance by Chiara Percivati
language: English

Instrument augmentation challenges our perception of the instrument, altering our understanding of its physical extension, characteristics, and potential. By expanding the creative horizons of both performers and composers, augmentation dismantles traditional hierarchies of roles. Instead, it fosters a dynamic and collaborative process of music co-creation, forging connections not only between artists but also between artists and computers.

Chiara Percivati will present works for augmented clarinets composed by Panariello and Perini. She will perform on a feedback-augmented bass clarinet, where feedback is generated within the instrument itself. Additionally, she will play a clarinet equipped with two MIDI-controlled side keys, featuring motorized keys programmed to interact with the performer's actions. This performance is a crucial component of her doctoral research project, 'Different Tubes', which explores clarinet preparation and augmentation.

Part of ARTICULATE 2023