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World Without Us: PhD defence Geert Goiris

Fundamental changes in our ecosystem and the rise of artificial intelligences are modifying the world as we know it. The future of humankind will be a very different one. How does this affect our psychological state of mind, our perceptions and premonitions? 
In this ‘age of uncertainty’ the individual is overpowered by alarmist, conflicting information. Are we suffering from epochalism, the belief that our current era is unique in human history? Or are we actually at a tipping point between self-preservation and self-destruction? 

World Without Us is a practice based Phd in visual art. Rather than stemming from a defined hypothesis or research question, the project of photographer Geert Goiris should be understood as a visualization experiment anticipating a world without humans. These excercises in perception are presented in three interconnected works: two consecutive exhibitions and a publication. The exhibitions wants to pronounce current anxieties about the future of our planet.

Some of these images foreshadow what is left when humans have vacated the scene. Still and moving photographic images are on deployed to suggest narratives in different forms: framed prints, monumental wallpaper prints, analogue slide projections and a video installation.

In May 2019 the book 'World Without Us' will be published at Roma Publications.

Promotors: Luc Pauwels (UA) and Johan Pas (RAFFA)
Members of the jury: Philippe Meers, Luc Pauwels, Johan Pas, Steven Humblet, Rut Blees Luxemburg and Sophie Berrebi


Image: Floating Jacket, 2018 (c) Geert Goiris