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Online Art Sale (CLOSED) CLOSER - update


Solidarity action for the students of the Academy through an online art sale (CLOSED) CLOSER.

Photo: Pascale De Groote, general direcor of the AP University College Antwerp was the first to have the opportunity to supoort our students with the purchase of her four favorite artworks from the CLOSER collection.

This academic year had a rough start. Although we're all in this together, the current measures hit our art students severely.
Apart from the lack of creative interactions and social contacts in the studios, the many student jobs in cafés and restaurants also stopped entirely. In order to offer some perspective, we joined forces for a solidarity action. Students from all disciplines sent in works for an online art sale.

We hereby transformed (CLOSED) into CLOSER: an online art sale entirely for the student's benefit!

UPDATE 15/12/2020

The solidarity action was a great success and the many works of art from the Closer Collection found a new home. On behalf of the students and the entire team of the Academy... Many thanks for your support!

Alessio Capone // Alexandra Samarova // Ana Lucia Fernández Rincón // Angelique de Limburg // Anne Van de Schaft // Anne Decot // Annelise Cerchedean // Anouk Van Offenwert // Assaf Hinden // Azuli Peeters // Bernadette Zdrazil // Brent Decraene // Daan Peeters // Denys Shantar // Emily Van Overstraeten // Emma Van Den Broeck // Esther Weidenbaum // Feline Van Der Kamp // Frederique Kraus // Giorgia Galfré // Hanne Abbeloos // Helena Berg // Jackson Shallcross-Platt // Jana Coolen // Jeannette Slütter // Jivan Kalicharan // Johanna Adojaan // June Osselaer // Laura Shipard // Laurence Petrone // Lee Van Camp  // Liisa Pöysti // Locuratolo // Luca Sági // Malena Guerrieri // Mara Harbon // Maria Iarmenco // Maxim Preaux // Michel Vertongen // Michelle Piter // Miguel Garchitoreno // Milana Starklova // Nel Maertens // Niel de Vries // Niels Van Looveren // Nina Faivre // Pit Riewer // Sarah Stone // Sarah Kirchner // Siguros Björnsdôtir // Sun You Park // Tim Rosenbaum // Tobias Wendt // Vincent Königs // Wang Zhizong // Witold Vandenbroeck // Yang Mengyu // Yixi Zhong // Zhang Cerchedean