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Transmitting the Body

Transmitting the Body
Open lecture / workshop
by Eva Maes

In this open lecture / workshop a movement score will be shared as well as a verbal dialogue that anchors our embodied exploration.  
Both practices form part of the research ground underneath Eva Maes’ project ‘Transmitting the Body´. In this project she treats a handful of very specific movement practices as soluble containers that envelop questions on the processes of transmission, teaching methods, and the formation of heritage/ legacy in the field of dance. 

What do we encounter in the shared physical and verbal exchange? What will remain? What is inevitably lost? In short, can we trace how we gesture and perform in-between the introspective and extrospective realm?

This open lecture/workshop is an invitation to explore in a swift way how concepts around research practices start to alternate and modulate once we root them in a moving self and a moving collectiveness.