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PhD defence Marco Fusi

The Creative Performer and Giacinto Scelsi
Building a Creative Performance Practice in Dialogue with Giacinto Scelsi’s Artefacts

Artistic presentation and defence of the PhD research ‘L'Homme. Les Sons. Faithful to what?’, conducted by Marco Fusi between 2017 and 2022 at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (AP Hogeschool) - within the research group CREATIE - and ARIA (UAntwerp).

Promotors: Ine Vanoeveren (Conservatoire), Marlies De Munck (UAntwerp) and Arthur Cools (UAntwerp)

14:00 - 14:30

Marco Fusi performing Xnoybis, Divertimento n.4 and Cadenza by Giacinto Scelsi

14:30 - 16:30

with Jury: Bart Eeckhout (chairman), Lydia Goehr (external member of the jury), Cat Hope (external member of the jury), Wim Henderickx (internal member of the jury), Arthur Cools (promotor UAntwerp), Ine Vanoevern (promotor Conservatoire)


Direct contact with Giacinto Scelsi has been the only acknowledged approach to the interpretation of his music, hence forming a circle of elite-performers, recipients of an understanding “beyond the written score”. However, in order to preserve the accuracy and faithfulness of performance, it is essential today to investigate the complex creative process of Scelsi, looking for interpretative suggestions residing within his artefacts. This research has led to discovering the importance of the performer’s creative participation in the process of conceiving, notating and delivering Scelsi’s creative output. To approach the performance of Scelsi’s opus the creative performer needs to devise performative approaches specific to each work, based on their individual experience and personal creative interaction with the materials of performance.


(Photo by Veera Vehkasalo)