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An Algorave is a nerdy party where the DJ is a coder. Usually starting from a blank document in a text based editor of choice (silence), music is generated based on code-snippets, evaluated in real time (rave). Ranging from obvious to cryptic, the audience can follow the structure of the algorithmic jam in progress on a projected backdrop behind the artist.
Apart from being a fresh take on the performance of electronic music in general, its evident potential for education and research, the algorave community fervently promotes a culture of diversity, equality alongside a strong focus on open source software, bypassing the need for expensive software packages and eliminating karma associated with cracked software, often used by students on a budget.

We're happy to welcome aspiring programmers from the live electronics department of the Conservatoire alongside this year's curator Andrew Claes.

(Image: Dago Sondervan)

> Part of ARTICULATE 2022