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On 20 and 21 October, as part of ARTICULATE 2022, the artist-researchers of the Conservatoire present their research to the students, by elaborating on the scope of their project, by introducing their methods, research process, or (preliminary) conclusions, by performing an artistic result or by supervising a workshop.
Within four focussed blocks, an interactive programme of open classrooms is developed for the students of dance, drama, and music. 


‘Dance improvisation and electronic composition’
by Klaas Devos
Gele Zaal

This workshop is of interest to students who want to explore dance improvisation in a triggering technological environment. We will investigate in practice how digital video and sound informs and disturbs dance. After improvising, we discuss in smaller groups how our movement qualities, sensitivity, and attention reacted to this environment and how this can inform choreographic work and electronic choreography. Bring a laptop or smart phone, or earphones.

13:00 - 14:00 'Tactics for a Collective Body'
Immersive installation and conversation
by Stefania Assandri, Renata Lamenza and Researcher >1
Room 435

‘TACTICS for a COLLECTIVE BODY’ is a research project dedicated to investigating, developing and experimenting tactics to create collective bodies through participatory performance. After 2 years of research, SUDAKAS artist-researchers Stefania Assandri (Uruguay) and Renata Lamenza Epifanio (Rio de Janeiro) stage their TACTICS in an installation followed by a conversation at Articulate. We invite you to immerse yourself in a water-like soundscape, YOU are invited to be Public, to be Performer, to be Performance, to be “Water my friend” (Bruce Lee, atemporal).
This installation is a recreation of part of the performance-installation presented at Het Bos 08.09.2022. Created by Renata Lamenza and Stefania Assandri, with the collaboration of Amôra Pera for the soundscape, the advise and collaboration of Joonas Lahtinen; and the scenographic bodies by Luiza Crosman; with the special participation of Agnese Forlani, Jackson Shallcross-Platt, Jurgen Fonteijn, Lara Ferrari -tummma- and Researcher >1.

‘Documentary Choreography’
Interactive presentation 
by Arkadi Zaides
Zwarte Zaal

In his PhD research, while reflecting on his work in the last decade, choreographer Arkadi Zaides is focusing on something that could be called ‘documentary choreography’ – including evidence from the ‘real’ (documents, existing archives, documentary footage, interviews and testimonies) as co-performers in the artistic work. Zaides focuses on the movement aspect, highlighting the choreography that is happening in the social sphere. He creates the project’s own archive, dramaturgy, and the aesthetic aspects which are determined by the documents used in the research. 


‘Speaking Figures’
by Max Greyson
Gele Zaal

A theatrical contemporary dance and spoken word performance that experiments and researches perception and tries to prioritize blind and visually impaired audiences (not excluding sighted audiences) by creating artistic bridges for perception in poetry, movement, music and theatre.
- Script and performance: Max Greyson
- Choreography: Saïd Gharbi

(image: Klaas Devos, photo by Wannes Cré)

> Part of ARTICULATE 2022