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Radical Hospitalities, Radical Pedagogies

Radical Hospitalities, Radical Pedagogies
Expanding Academy and situated knowledge in the Arts in the frame of ARTICULATE 2022

Public debate
with Sara Alberani, Zoe Butt, Nico Dockx , Sandi Hilal, Morten Goll and Judith Wielander
moderated by Johan Pas

Expanding Academy invites and engages in this public debate with two specific ‘art’ projects that are generating spaces of radical hospitality and radical pedagogy, in which refugees and asylum seekers, confined within legal and regulatory regimes against their existence, “can figure out their own terms of engagement with their current reality”, and “feel once again a sense of collectivity and belonging”, as curators Zoe Butt and Sara Alberani state. 

Trampoline House is a self-organized refugee justice community center initiated by artists Morten Goll and Joachim Hamou, and curator Tone Olaf Nielsen, more than a decade ago in Copenhagen, in response to one of the world’s most aggressive and humiliating migration policies. The project was born out of the act of listening to asylum seekers’ experiences and collectively putting together an answer to their needs in the form of a program. 

Al Madhafah-The Living Room is a site-responsive and performative installation initiated by the artist Sandi Hilal in 2016, and situated between the domestic and the public sphere. ‘Al Madhafah’, in Arabic, is the living room dedicated to hospitality. It has the potential to subvert the role of both guest and host and to give a different socio-political meaning to this act of hospitality. Over the last six years, Al Madhafah-The Living Room has been activated in five different locations: the house of Yasmine and Ibrahim and the ‘Yellow House’ in Boden, ArkDes Museum in Stockholm, Fawwar refugee camp in the southern part of the West Bank, and in the living room of Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti in Stockholm. 

Both projects are currently in transition. Trampoline House has been closed down in January 2020 due to a deliberate lack of public funding. Using documenta fifteen for re-opening their project in 2022 as Weekend Trampoline House with the intention to find a more autonomous mode of operation, they hope to create a sustainable continuity of their work in the future. Al Madhafah-The Living Room of the ‘Yellow House’ had to end its activities as this unit had to be re-purposed. To gain independence and to guarantee continuity in the working process, Sandi Hilal feels the urgency at the moment to further explore what kind of outcomes could be enabled in owning the spaces with which we heal and learn.

Radical Hospitalities, Radical Pedagogies is a public debate, commissioned by the research department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp for ARTICULATE Art & Research days 2022.

+ launch of the Expanding Academy publication 'Radical Hospitalities, Radical Pedagogies'

The publication 'Radical Hospitalities, Radical Pedagogies' is the first chapter of a forthcoming editorial project, commissioned by the research department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp to bring together and publicly make visible critical pedagogical platforms initiated by artists that open up new ways of dealing with the complexities of today’s time and space.

concept: Nico Dockx, Judith Wielander
texts: Sara Alberani, Zoe Butt, Carlota Mir
drawings: Khalid Albaih, Joachim Hamou
graphic design: Nico Dockx, Jean-Michel Meyers
printing: Bruno Devos at Stockmans
edition: 300

Expanding Academy in collaboration with ARTICULATE 2022 tries to nourish through conversations, panels, and lectures the debate on practice-based and situated learning within the academic context.  For the ARTICULATE Art & Research days 2022/23, situated artistic long-term projects, which address and deal with urgencies of our time, will be explored and discussed with the students. (the first evening took place during ARTICULATE 2021)



(image: TRAMPOLINE HOUSE at Documenta 15, photo by Morten Goll)